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wife, chef, artist, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, friend, mentor, teacher, florist,
adventurer, traveler, yogi, writer, designer, manager, baker, business woman

I am deeply committed to food and to the gathering of ingredients, to life, relationships, love, health and creativity.

I grew up in a small Missouri farm town.
My first restaurant job was in 1981. I was 18 years old and I was a waitress.
At 25, I sold all of my belongings and moved to San Francisco to start school at the California Culinary Academy. From that moment forward, I have made a career of cooking in places like San Francisco, Seattle, St. Thomas, Missouri and Denver.
For 30 years I have been standing in a professional kitchen making my living.

My intention has always been to grow, inspire, teach, share and support. In 1997, we opened Potager Restaurant. We were the movement that would later be called “farm to table” in Denver, Colorado. Today, I still source and pick up our food from local farmers but someone else is running the kitchen at the restaurant day to day.

I have designed two of my own restaurants as well as restaurants in San Jose and Campbell, California. My style is relaxed, creative, honest, eclectic, funky, vintage and colorful.
I paint, write, garden, play and practice it all every day. I am a creative thinker.

Three Beliefs

I believe time outdoors in nature is vital to our health, to a balanced life and spirit.

I believe the meal is the center of the human experience. It is at the table that we are nourished, enjoy an essential source of life, together with friends, family and connect to tradition.

I believe our desire and abilities to connect; to nature, to one another, to our source, to be present with each other, will heal our relationships, our communities and our world.

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