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Day 5 of my cleanse. I woke early and with a busy mind.  Clear headed, my thoughts sharp in a way I cannot describe. TRANSFORM is the word I chose from the bowl this morning. I write.  I spend the…

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grass blowing in the wind

I’m writing in reference to an assignments’ reflection questions…how has COVID 19 effected my mental state?  What do I do to calm my mind? I haven’t had anything to say for a long time.  Nothing profound…no insight.  No fucking clue…

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My teacher this morning in class said, “our greatest contribution to the world is our own joy.” I’ve been looking at the concept of non-violence or non-harming.  In yoga, the ancient texts call this ahimsa.  I thought of harm that…

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winter They say there’s a storm headed our way.  It’s coming up the coast, leaving New York closed with over a foot of snow.  For me…it’s still a lovely shade of gray as I walk down the hill to the…

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The Dance

Marriage is a dance…isn’t that what they say?  Didn’t someone say that one time?  Often beautiful but also clumsy, awkward, hard and frustrating. When we started…we can’t believe how much better we dance with this other person.  The way they…

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Listen to the Trees

This morning I lit a candle and read the words of my favorite poet.  They find their way deep into my soul today, quietly reminding me to love the trees, the snow as it sparkles in the sun against a…

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