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the ramblings of the girl and the truck driver, trip 4 #2

The girl:

It rained last night.  neither of us heard it but can see it as he pulls down the window covers.  We drive away and I see the sprinklers on just like I do in all places that have sprinklers.  I think how easy it must be to just set a timer and not have to worry or monitor whether it rains or not.  They continue sprinkling no matter what…even in the rain.

You have plenty of time to think about things like this living like this.

We slept in a Walmart parking lot last night in amongst a parking lot filled with big trucks doing the same thing.  Walmart allows this…even encourages it with signs.  Nebraska rest areas only have spots for 6 big trucks and they have put sign posts everywhere else so that a big truck cannot park there to sleep.  So last night as we drove through rest areas looking for a place to sleep…thank goodness for Walmart….and I have never said or thought about saying those words in my life.

We wondered around looking for cheese and I went to the bathroom.  Only a restroom in a rest area in New Mexico had dirtier bathrooms but I was happy for the running water and a level parking space….and the cheese for my man.

We are driving through the rain this morning to the eastern edge of Nebraska.  Nebraska City. Corn.  Field upon field of corn.  I think Nebraska is the corn husker state.  I’ll look at some license plates today.  I yell up front for him to take a picture of the corn fields as we stop.  He yells back that he just did.

We saw another husband and wife team yesterday.  She was wearing white pants and a black shirt.  He was wearing black pants and a white shirt.

I wonder if we’ll be wearing matching clothes one day.

He tells me today won’t be as fun as yesterday…we have more to do.  Get to our destination, unload, hopefully not in the rain…then get sent somewhere to get another load.

Yesterday we unloaded,

waited to get loaded then drove for 9 hours with some

beautiful stops for lunch and dinner.

Three things you don’t want to sleep next to:

  1. Cattle feed lot
  2. Cow truck
  3. Refrigerator truck

There may be more than this but these come up the most often.

The truck driver:

Corn.  Corn.  Irrigation.  Irrigation.  What’s that?

Beans?  Probably. So if we were to be lifted up into space right now we’d see a bunch of big circles.

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