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A Change in Perspective

I have a tree house in the tree in my back yard.

People ask why.

I’m sitting in it now and it is the first day of November.
Most of the leaves are out of the trees and I can see the mountains off in the west.
As I sit, the sky begins it’s progression through the colors of sunset.
I look down at my house, crazy right now with a kitchen remodel and house painting. We are living in the living room and there are appliances, equipment and dirt filling the kitchen, patio, porch and carport.
From up here though, I just look at the roof.

There’s a lot of doing going on these days.
All that doing and I’m easily caught up and swept away into the feeling that I should be doing too.
There is always a lot to do. There is always something to be done.
I find myself constantly looking for things to do; weekends and days off, full of projects and chores.

The thing about always DOING
is that it leaves very little time for BEING.

Being is the place that fills my spirit. It is the seat of real creativity.
So, tonight I climb up into my tree house and breathe.
I watch the colors and I watch the birds fly across the sky. I listen to nature as it begins to quiet.
Sitting up here with my view of the tree tops, the birds, a world capable of turning without any help from me, my own world looks pretty small.
I begin to let go and watch. Feeling my body relax, I breathe, letting myself get caught up in the magnificence of the sunset and staring at that single leaf fluttering in the breeze.
The shift from the top of a tree is pretty magical.
My spirit begins to swell. I am filled with gratitude and a love of life.
It is not perfect or easy and finding ways to shift perspective helps me live an imperfect life well.
When I climb up into my tree house, my perspective changes.
Busy, head down, I forget to look up and look out. The tree house helps with that.
From here, I am actually looking at my world from a different angle.
That’s why I have a tree house.
I wonder at the fact that everyone doesn’t have one in the tree in their yard.
I recommend it.

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  1. It helps me just to imagine sitting quietly next to you, feeling the shift in perspective. Thank for the tree house time, Teri!!!

  2. Beautifully said Teri.
    Anyone reading,
    When you’re ready for your own new new perspective call Mr. Nathan if you need your own treehouse.

  3. I wonder the same thing also. I am trying to get my daughter and her husband to build a tree house on their property in Rhinebeck. She said they don’t have little children any more, I want it for me!


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