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Creative living isn’t only about being an artist or artistic endeavors.
I believe it is living with the ability to live, think, act and react creatively in a world that is constantly moving and changing.
Reinventing myself in creative ways so that my life inspires…first myself, then perhaps, those around me.
How on earth do I reinvent myself and be true to my own spirit?
How do I find ways all day, everyday, to live from my heart, paying attention and celebrating the simple and the complex moments of my day.
How do I rise to the challenges? How do I pick myself up in the middle of paralyzing heartbreak? How do I reach out when being rejected is what I fear the most?
How do I risk vulnerability and allow someone else to do the same so that we can really love one another?

Changing, risking, growing, loving and peeling away the world’s expectations so that I can find myself.

What are the things that I really enjoy? What do I do that makes me happy? What things did I do when I was a kid that I thought were FUN? What do I like to do when no one is paying attention? What do I do that fills me with excitement and the desire to go dancing through the house? What brings me joy and why am I not doing that every day even for a minute?
What makes me laugh out loud and how can I spend more time with the people and the things that make me do that?
I believe that the answers to these questions are the secret to creative living. Exploring. Practicing. Learning.

Just living in this fast moving, constantly changing world requires creativity. The way I want to live it, experience it and experience myself in it are my choices to make,
my intentions to set.
During my morning meditation and yoga practice I open my eyes with the best of intentions and in the blink of an eye the world comes crashing into my peace.
I’ve dropped my smoothie all over the kitchen floor.
Can I find the ability to laugh and not take myself so seriously? Can I find the perspective I need in order to do this throughout the day?
Some days yes, some days no, but this day will end and the next one will begin again and again and again, giving me endless opportunities to keep practicing.


On Magic

A couple of years ago, I decided to write a book about magic.
I thought that writing about it would be a good way to teach myself to look for it with gratitude.
What I found is that when I decided to write about it, I started looking for it. Looking for things to write about. Is this magic? Is that magic? Of course it is! See the way that butterfly is floating by just as I turn around! Inside myself and outside, I watched, noticed, paid attention and wrote lists as evidence of it at the end of each day.
It’s all around us, yet, as we live our days, so much of it goes unnoticed. We forget that it’s magic that fills our days, our hearts, minds, bodies. The smallest, most insignificant moments pieced together to make a life.
I started walking at sunset so that I could watch the sky change colors and the geese fly home to the lake every night. I felt the power of the full moon and looked with wonder at a black sky sparkling with stars!
No doubt, you could explain away these moments with some sort of explanation, but you know what? I love to name it magic. I love to believe that my life is filled with magical moments rather than scientific explanations. Those AHA moments that hit you with such force that they tip the world as you know it, off it’s axis, yet it is seemingly unchanged to someone looking on. Moments when it seems like the stars are all lined up and you are in the zone. That unexplainable feeling of excitement at the smallest event.
Looking at the simplest things, like the way the light is shining through the trees, a call from a friend at exactly the right time, the wind at your back as you ride your bike, the spontaneous gathering of good friends having some laughs. I just watched a guy riding his bike with no hands past the restaurant while texting and he didn’t get run over or run into anything! That is magic! Once you get started, you’d be surprised by how many things you can chalk up to magic!
I began to look at these lists with gratitude at the end of a day. I could go to sleep feeling happy for all of the magical moments.

I wanted to share the idea in hopes that it would inspire others to see it in their lives too. Naming something magical shifts perspective. My days are filled with magical things and magical moments. Looking for them reminds me not to take them for granted. It’s too easy to get caught up in the day and find at the end of it I didn‘t notice one wonderful thing. It’s all right here happening for you and for me every day, if we remember to pay attention.

A life made of magical moments is a magical life.

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