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the ramblings of the girl and the truck driver. leaving day

The truck driver:

Sunday drivin away from home into the wide open.

Wyoming places, snow fences, antelope and distance.

I washed the truck last week, now it’s covered with bugs.

Before I leave she says, “you’re sweaty, you should shower before you go, you’ll be more comfortable.”

I don’t think so.  I smell like garden, burning pine needles, bee hive and her.  I’ll be alright with that for a few days.

Ran into my son, Matt, at a rest area in Ft. Collins on my way north.  Bid him farewell, he’s off on an adventure to Mongolia tomorrow.

Isn’t that next to Siam?


The girl:

The unsettled feeling in between letting go of his hand and landing back in my world with without him.

That’s a little what leaving days are like.

Lots of wandering and looking.  Social media further unsettles.

It is not for my landing.

Weather too hot to be outside, I spend time in my studio.  It feels cerebral.

Mostly it’s just wandering and looking…feeling the traces of him wherever I go.  His spirit is lingering today.  It wanders and looks with me.

I bit of a whirlwind and then gone…was it a dream?  No.  I see evidence all over.  I think about each minute…cherishing them.  When we’re lucky…we have 8 days a month together.

Valuable. Important. Wonderful. Fun.

I run through the sprinkler and lay on the clover in the shade and stare at the sky.

I let leaving day keep me suspended…honoring.  My life will barge in soon enough demanding

my attention, my mind, my thoughts.

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